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What We Do

Digital Design Consulting has experience in Industrial Design, Software Development, and Software Business Consulting. We are uniquely positioned to offer consulting services at any level of these business areas. Together with our partners in Japan and overseas we can offer you a high level of professionalism and integrity in your business needs.

Our experience and expertise allows us to provide the following range of services:

  • Software Design and Development
    • Technologies
      • Languages: C++, C, Java, Fortran...
      • Platforms: Windows, Linux, Unix, COM, OLE, STD, J2EE, .NET
    • Application Planning/Architecture
    • Application Development
    • GUI Design and Development
    • Library development
    • Application Localization
    • 3D Geometric Modeling
      • Component Technologies: ACIS, CAA, OPEN CASCADE...
    • 2D, 3D Computer Graphics
  • Web Development
    • Web Site Design
      • HTML, CSS...
    • Web Application Development
      • Environments: Java, Javascript, JSP, PHP, ASP, .NET, SQL...
    • Localization
      • English to Japanese, Japanese to English
  • Industrial Design
    • Product research
    • Product planning
    • Concept Design
    • Detailed Design

We are always ready to take on a challenge. We pride ourselves in being innovative and thinking out of the box. We will learn a new programming language, CAD system, or any other technology if it will get your job done. If you have a project that you think we can help you with don't hesitate to contact us. A consultant will contact you to discuss your requirements in more detail.

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